For as long as I’ve been a member of Brisbane Bushwalkers I’ve been forcing myself to attend creek walks, partly to gain experience traversing challenging terrain, but primarily in an attempt to convince myself that creek walks are in fact enjoyable.

So, it was with minor trepidation that I considered an invitation by Brisbane Bushwalkers veterans Lou & Marion Darveniza to walk Mount Bangalora and Reynolds Gorge, nestled in the South-Eastern corner of Main Range National Park.

The harsh incandescent lights of Newcastle Baths bathed the rocks, inducing a mild fear of the unknown, crashing menacingly beyond the light.

One of the big features I wanted to build into my new Wordpress site was the ability to synchronise my Facebook and Flickr feeds. Normally people do this by adding an embedded feed or some such, but I didn’t want to be tied to Facebook’s or Flickr’s idea of how I should format my data.

This involved a bit of a learning curve, including discovering how to use Wordpress’ scheduling hooks correctly.