Lake Hypipamee, a deep volcanic vent situated at Mount Hypipamee, near Dinner Falls, between Atherton and Ravenshoe.

Curtain Fig Tree, between Yungaburra and Atherton. This is a strangler fig, approximately 500 years old, which has formed a unique configuration due to the configuration of the host trees it has enveloped over time.

Gillies Lookout, at the top of the Gillies Range above the Goldsborough Valley in Far North Queensland

The Cathedral fig, an enormous strangler fig encompassing several hosts. It is situated above the Gillies Range in Far North Queensland, near the township of Yungaburrah.

Rolling fields off the Palmerston Highway in Far North Queensland. Mount Bartle-Frere, Queensland’s highest peak at 1622 metres, in the background to the right.